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  2010.10.03  23.49
The Social Network

Spoilers under the cut
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  2009.07.06  23.02
and fudge

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My little Ira Glass puppy.


  2009.04.04  01.49
Mike made it :)

Thank you so much everyone who voted and put up with my incessant spamming. He wound up tying with 2 other ideas so they took 22. That means every single vote counted. Thank you so so so much and we'll know April 24th who gets the actual prize.


  2009.03.30  16.17

Please please please if you have not yet voted for Mike in the Lenovo Name Your Dream contest - please take the time to register and pic his idea. If you have, thank you so much, it has meant a lot that he is as far as he is.


his website is at http://www.focalmatter.com

Internet contests are stupidly nerve wracking!


  2009.03.03  22.01
A moment of your time please

My good friend Mike (picture taking guy http://www.focalmatter.com) has always wanted to follow his dream of traveling and taking pictures. Even just for a while.

He says

"Lenovo and Microsoft are having a contest of sorts. Name your dream photo assignment, and if it gets picked they'll give you $50,000 (and a Lenovo laptop) to make it happen.

Needless to say, I want to make this happen. As much as possible, I want to have a shot at this.

These are my ideas. Please go vote for them. Ask your friends, your family, your coworkers to vote for them. Ask people on forums you frequent (*cough*) to vote for them.

The Top 20 ideas will make the short list that will then be decided on by the panel. I just want to make that short list. If the panel doesn't go for it, fine. But I wanna know I had a chance.

Please. PLEASE. Register and vote. It would mean the world to me.

Thank you."

The guy is like a big brother to me and I'd appreciate it if you could take a mo to help him have a chance.

Thank you!


  2008.12.27  19.05

Jet lag sucks. Crashed around 7pm here and now I can't get back to sleep. It was a crazy day of running around the city and taking a ton of pics and trying to figure out where we were. The city has some crazyass malls!

There is this avenue of the stars with the handprints and everything. Except its Chinese movie stars so all the handprints are so small!

We are going to try to eat at this restaurant that makes their dim sum in the shape of tiny animals!


  2008.12.03  09.41

Happy Birthday Gabe:)


  2008.11.04  22.38



We have had a lot to drink. I am happy. eeeeeee


  2008.10.02  20.00

Someone just rickrolled msnbc.


  2008.02.12  13.17
The best part of being a grownup

Is that lunch can consist of a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk.

In the form of cake batter ice cream with crushed peanut butter cups in an apparently compliementary waffle cone since the register monkey didn't care.

OH MY GOD making my own poor decisions is awesome.


  2007.09.25  09.31


  2007.08.05  00.31

Ok. I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED about Rock Band and Guitar Hero III.

I will spend the american dollars to have all the peripherals i don't even care.


  2006.12.16  16.10

Matt is totally graduated!!!


  2006.12.11  17.21
you've got the touch

you've got the powaaaah!


  2006.09.05  15.21

I want one


  2006.09.01  09.39
More shiny toy


I just think it's cool looking and I like the whole sliding out speaker thing despite the fact that I'd probably never use it. But it's so cool!


  2006.08.28  16.58


It's this cool little case to protect and store your earbuds in - I think it's specifically designed for iPod buds, but might work with others?


  2006.08.24  11.38
Nick, join the freaking 21st century



  2006.08.17  01.31

Happy Birthday Mike (Enreldt)!


  2006.08.07  08.19
knitting post that will make sense to..maybe two of you

I actually grafted! New techniques cobbled from reading knitty and bugging sku! Silly Rogue hood is finally put together and looks surprisingly cohesive. Now I just need to get two sleeves done and I *might* have it done in time for winter - given my sporadic knitting habits.


  2006.05.01  10.51




  2006.04.26  11.06
Also: The Feynman Chronicles :stolen from Chromodynamics


Disney Opens The Feynman Chronicles
An action-adventure spec script
Because Indiana Jones has been away from our screens for so long, it’s only natural that young upstarts would try and take his place.

The latest in a long line of adventurers who think they’ve got what it takes the carry the bullwhip is Richard Feynman, a brilliant young physicist recruited by the US government to track down a mysterious object that falls from the sky and crashes into a remote mountain in 1940s Africa. He gets a little help from a sexy British lady spy and a cranky French pilot. But he’ll have to be swift – those dashed Nazis are after the object too…

That’s the concept for The Feynman Chronicles, a spec script by Ashley E Miller and Zack Stentz. The writing duo previously penned Agent Cody Banks 2 and worked on TV sci fi show Andromeda, which is not something anyone should really shout about. Still, Disney has snapped up their scribblings and will soon start looking for a director and cast.

I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. OH MY GOD. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Well, as long as the script is not horrible but what if Feynman becomes the next Indiana Jones? Saving the world through smartass cracks and brilliant accidental insights into physics? It's Indiana Jones meets McGuyver. THE PERFECT LEGACY


  2006.04.14  23.09
This is a weird story to read out of context


"The McClatchy newspaper group of Sacramento offered $66.50 a share for Knight Ridder -- only a couple dollars a share more than what the San Jose company's stock was worth nearly year earlier when its major shareholders began pressuring the board to sell Knight Ridder. If Knight Ridder rejected McClatchy's offer, it faced the prospect of massive cost-cutting to placate the dissident shareholders. But Knight Ridder's investment bankers advised such a move could boost its stock price or sink it, according to documents filed Friday by McClatchy with the Securities and Exchange Commission."


  2006.03.31  14.10


my brother is adooorable and is making a game where the raccoon runs around catching leaves.


  2006.03.31  10.51


happy easter!


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